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Mini (6 pcs): white, black, red, blue, yellow, green.

Medi (12 pcs): white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, grey, gold, silver, blue metallic, marble, light green.

Maxi (24 pcs): 2 × white, 2 × black, 2 × red, 2 × blue, 2 × yellow, 2 × green, 2 × grey, 2 × gold, 2 × silver, 2 × blue metallic, 2 × marble, 2 × light green.

PLA is a recyclable filament that is manufactured by using 80% biobased renewable resources. Sustainable as it is, PLA material is best known for its precise printing features – the best results will be obtained when printing minor and detailed prints. 



Poly Lactic Acid or just PLA is biodegradable plastic for 3D printing.  Its lower processing temperature makes it a very easy to use filament even for beginners. For its printing accuracy, PLA became No. 1 filament in the world. Filalab’s  PLA is well known for its high dimensional stability and flexibility. The excellent flow properties enable the production of components with minimal shrinkage and no warping. Furthermore, this material is safety-approved to come into contact with food. Excellent choice for printing prototypes and tiny parts. 

Printing setup

Nozzle temp. – 190° C – 210° C

Bed temp. – 40° C – 60° C

Fan – 50% - 100 %

Printing speed – 100 mm/s or more

Enclosure – No need



 Suitable for small prints

 No warping

 Easy to use




 Low impact strength

 Low temp. resistance




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