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PETG stands out as a strong filament containing materials that are made to last. Because of its durable and robust features, PETG is recommended for functional 3D printing projects. For the best printing results, we suggest following our printing recommendations and sanding PETG filament. It will provide your prints with smooth surfaces and aesthetic lines maintaining high dimensional stability. 



PETG, also known as PolyEthylene Terephthalate Glycol, is relatively similar to PET material, however, the G at the end means that it is being modified by Glycol. This change affects the overall chemical structure resulting in more transparency, strength, and ease of processing. Often used as a PLA alternative, PETG is considered as one of the most versatile 3D printing materials. Please kindly follow the instructions listed below for the best printing experience.

Printing setup

Nozzle temp. – 240° C – 260° C

Bed temp. – 75° C – 90° C

Fan – 0% - 50%

Printing speed – 50 mm/s -100 mm/s

Enclosure – No need



 High impact strength


 No hazardous components

 Easy to print


 Can appear stringing

 Strong adhesion to surface (better use tape on glass-surface bed)

 Not suitable for very small parts


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