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Made out of natural wood fiber, this unique filament provides an outstanding look and distinctive feel. PLA-based recyclable material bonds to the wood to form a strong, durable, and sharp print. Fabrics herein provide a paint-friendly experience allowing you to laminate your prints in every imaginable way. Containing minimal shrinkage and free of warp, fiberwood filament guarantees efficient printing and reliable use. Nevertheless, it provides a subtle scent reminiscent of freshly cut wood.


Filalab FIBROwood is PLA based filament with natural wood fiber. The natural fibers give to your prints natural – looking surface texture with a unique wood look and distinctive feel. Warp – free with minimal shrinkage filament is also easy to use and like real wood you can paint and laminate your prints. Perfect for decorations, toys and models. Also available with cork and bamboo fiber.

Printing setup

Nozzle temp. – 190° C – 210° C

Bed temp. – 40° C – 60° C

Fan – 50% - 100 %

Printing speed – 100 mm/s or more

Enclosure – No need



 Natural look

 No warping

 Easy to use



 Low impact strength

 Low temp. resistance



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