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Made out of natural wood fiber, this unique filament provides an outstanding look and distinctive feel. PLA-based recyclable material bonds to the wood to form a strong, durable, and sharp print. Fabrics herein provide a paint-friendly experience allowing you to laminate your prints in every imaginable way. Containing minimal shrinkage and free of warp, fiberwood filament guarantees efficient printing and reliable use. Nevertheless, it provides a subtle scent reminiscent of freshly cut wood.

Diameter: 1.75 mm.

Tolerance: +-0.03 mm



Fiberwood is known for its pleasant 3D printing experience as it produces a forest floral scent. Its ability to deliver wood-like prints is well worth noting – this material is capable of replicating real wood making it an exceptional filament for toy and decoration production. It is a well-known material in the market and has been adopted by larger companies for its cost-efficiency and durable printing features. For the best printing results please follow the instruction listed below.

Printing setup

Nozzle temp. – 190° C – 210° C

Bed temp. – 40° C – 60° C

Fan – 50% - 100 %

Printing speed – 100 mm/s or more

Enclosure – No need



 Natural look

 No warping

 Easy to use



 Low impact strength

 Low temp. resistance



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