Our long-lasting commitment to creativity is a purposeful cornerstone of the Filalab establishment. Creativity goes hand in hand with innovation and quality – these are the values that drive the Filalab team.

Filalab is a professional manufacturer of 3D filaments – we are characterized by the relentless pursuit of perfection, constantly improving our products to satisfy your needs. We provide only the highest-quality 3D filaments so that anyone – from the most ambitious creator to beginners just starting out – can achieve their goals. 


The Filalab team consists of true visionaries and forward thinkers. We understand the importance of climate change and we will do everything we can to mitigate it. Sustainability is at the core of our business – our production line uses only raw and biobased materials with PLA reaching 80%. To ultimately reduce carbon emissions, we use reels that are made entirely from recycled ABS plastic. Our assortment contains a wide variety of products to choose from and, most importantly, every filament can be adjusted to your preferences, be it a special additive or a peculiar color. 

Our extensive expertise allows us to understand the industry and strive for continuous improvement. Beneath, you will see our latest certificates indicating our dedication to the business.